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by Sleight of Hand

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Promo Tape 2015


released March 4, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Corey Williams
Artwork by Danny Elder

Tapes available through Strawberry Scene COMING SOON



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Sleight of Hand Florida

Strawberry Scene



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Track Name: When the Lines Begin to Blur...
When the lines begin to blur, where will you stand?
When the shapes of earth melt into sand...
When the world is in rotation and spinning out of hand...
All the lines will tend to blur, where will you land?

Lines are gonna blur, I sit here and wait
for my turn to blur and fade into haze.
I can't stay stuck in my ways.
It's the lines of life that blur; not a phase.

Why can't you see through yourself
and feel all of your fake opinions melt?
You better start searching before it's the end
because the lines have all blurred and I'm not sure we're friends.
Track Name: The Reasons Why
A mirror hung up on the wall.
Face a coward, it'll surely crack and fall.
A million pieces on the floor; edges sharp, but a face that's dull.
A self-appointed person of power throws a fit when things go sour.
Twisting people's arms until they snap; but at who's expense?
We don't react.

The evils that unfold. I try to hold
on to all of my sanity in a scene controlled with vanity.
It spreads like a disease and controls their thoughts with ease.
You act like a nice guy, but I've seen the reasons why.

We hung a mirror on the wall. Now face it man, watch it fall
into pieces on the floor. The edges are sharp. Your face is dull.
Forced yourself to a place of power, threw a fit when things went sour,
and twisted at these arms til they snap; but at who's expense?
We don't react.

Your greedy grin is judging me,
but there's nothing to hide and nothing left to prove.