by Sleight of Hand

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Demo 2014


released September 30, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Corey Williams




all rights reserved


Sleight of Hand Florida

Strawberry Scene



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Track Name: They Can't Get Enough
The blind follow behind, they're lost with no meaning.
They hide behind the wildfires they're feeding.
Your words are frail. They won't make it anymore.
You don't want my help? You won't get it anymore.

Shallow support from the bottom up, weak people follow and can't get enough. I'll be the source of the problem, so you can give it a name. Lies and extortion give you fame.

Exaggerate and incriminate the innocent and hide from the source.
They hide behind the fires they're feeding.
They have no reason and use no force.
Track Name: Tension
Faces running through my life, causing tension in my mind.
I feel so sore in their regard. They're so cliche, I've seen them all.
I heard their shameful attempt at wit. I can't believe that they see it fit.
I hate to hear their ironic voices. They think I'm not listening, but I notice.

Is this the way that I exclude myself? Is this the way I try to hide?
If hate is just a way to hate myself, can I beat this habit out?
Track Name: Until I Faint
If failure could be measured in value, I would carry so much weight.
I walk through life with it on my shoulders, I stress my back until it breaks.
With crippling fear, tiring pain, and the insecurities that I hate, I grab myself by my own collar and yell and scold until I faint.

How much longer can I suffer with the brash inner voice of my mother?
Shame and fear can mold and shape me, but I've dried for years so now I'm just breaking.

If we tried to look back and laugh, we'd probably snap our necks. Our relationship is sad.

Shame and fear, I'm failure.
Shame and fear from my mother.
How much longer can I suffer?
How much longer can I suffer?
Track Name: Shove
Why am I the better man? I'm ashamed of who I am.
Will I ever amount to something? I should feel shame, but I feel nothing.
Not focused on the present or the past, I see my future in an hourglass.
I wish I could share with the ones I love. They reach out and I just shove.

I shove away in fear.
Sincerely, Insincere

Day to day, I'm so warm inside. I wish I could share, but I just hide.
I wish I could share with the ones I love. They reach out and I just shove.